Though our range of fancy pegs have been expertly designed and made to suit a wide range of laundry environments and purposes, that’s not all they’re good for. Today we’re going to take a look at the sheer versatility of our snazzy Wear & Repeat Stainless Steel Pegs – you’ll come away with some creative inspo, plus you’ll find out how your new laundry buddies can be handy household helpers. Ok, I won’t keep you hanging any longer, let’s dive in and discover why our Stainless Steel Pegs aren’t just for laundry lovers…


1. Pair with Hangers 

If you have some of our Rose Gold Hangers and our Stainless Steel Pegs, here’s how you can join their forces to make a super handy hanging storage space!

For pants and skirts simply take two pegs and clip them over the bottom steel bar of a hanger. Look familiar? You’ve now got yourself a clothes hanger with clips that will hold your bottoms!

For belts, scarves, ties and other accessories do the same thing but feel free to add as many pegs to the bottom bar of the hanger as needed and clip an accessory to each peg. You should be able to fit at least 5 scarves on the one hanger, making more room in your closet and avoiding wrinkles.

stainless steel clothes pegs 

2. Office Organiser 

These pegs are the perfect tools to help organise all the bits of paper in your office, perfectly suited to holding stacks of receipts, envelopes and bills that paper clips just can’t manage. I personally swear by these pegs for use in the Wear & Repeat office! 

Create a super easy-to-use, super stylish organising system by sticking a note to each peg and clipping them to each bundle of paper. You can also use our stylish sage green or vanilla linen Storage Boxes in the medium or large size to hold bulk piles of paper.

marine grade stainless steel pegs

 3. Kitchen Clips

Nobody likes stale bread. That’s a fact. And it’s not just bread – biscuits, chips, pretty much all snack foods don’t mix well with sitting in the open air for days. So, how do you keep your goodies fresh long after you’ve opened the packaging? Stainless Steel Pegs, of course! They’re stronger than plastic bread clips, they allow for easy access (no need to untie a rubber band or twist tie) and they look great while they do it. The rose gold or silver steel colour options will perfectly complement any modern or retro kitchen design. 

Just take your packet of snacks, meal ingredients or fresh produce, fold over the packaging to cover the opening and secure with your fancy new kitchen clips (aka pegs in disguise). Because of their sleek, versatile design, nobody will even suspect that they belong in the laundry!

stainless steel pegs pantry clips  

4. Hang Photos and Kids Artwork

Get creative with how you display photos in your home by ditching the blue tack and using pegs instead! All you need is a bit of twine or ribbon strung up across the wall, and peg them on like you would a sock on the washing line!

Alternatively, if you find the kitchen is your favourite place to exhibit your children’s works of art, securing a magnet to the peg with a bit of superglue creates a funky device to stick them to the fridge.


5. Event Decoration

Rose gold is such a chic colour that it’s used in just about everything when it comes to design and decoration these days. Rose gold balloons, rose gold embellishments, even rose gold cakes! So, instead of using string or pins to hold your decorations together, why not add a little rose gold accent to your event? Weddings, birthdays, baby showers – our Stainless Steel Pegs can help hold up signage, keep sets of balloons together, and even add decorative flair to bunches of flowers and table settings.

Then, when all is said and done and the festivities have died down, you’ve got yourself a set of strong, metal pegs to hold up your picnic blankets, table cloths and other decorative bits and pieces after they’ve been washed. It’s a win-win!


If you have any other creative ideas for using our trendy Stainless Steel Pegs (or any of our other products), please drop a comment below! I’d love to share more ideas like these with customers in future posts!

You can pick up a pack of our Stainless Steel Pegs in a range of different size and colour styles via the Wear & Repeat online store here.


For the more conventional use of hanging out your washing, read our post about Switching to Stainless Steel Pegs.

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