5 Uses for Your Strucket

So, you’ve just bought, or are thinking about buying, your very own Strucket. That’s awesome news! Have you figured out all the ways you’re going to put it to use yet? Do you know what you can do with a Strucket apart from the obvious soaking clothes and other laundry items? If you think outside the box (or inside the Strucket in this case) there are so many different ways to utilise this awesome household helper. To set you off on the right track to fully getting the most out of your Strucket I’ve put together this list of 5 uses for your Strucket that you may never have thought of otherwise! If you have any other Strucket tips or uses (spoiler: there are hundreds) please share in the comments so we can all benefit. The more creative the better!

What is a Strucket?

The Strucket is a super innovative Aussie made eco friendly laundry product. Inventor and mother of three Kelly Lavery was sick of having to deal with the aftermath of soaking clothes, nappies, bibs, toys and every other item under the sun – we all know that kids are messy, so soaking is an unavoidable part of parenthood.

Rather than continue breaking her back lifting heavy buckets and irritating her skin in gross post-soak water, Kelly came up with a brilliant idea: a strainer and bucket in one! From that idea sprung a product, the likes of which had never before been seen in the environmentally friendly household market: the Strucket.

From the handles that are designed to support the weight of wet clothes, to the handy plug in the bottom of the bucket that allows you to empty the waste without touching it, the Strucket has everything covered…and I mean everything!

In the words of the Strucket team, it’s a “sustainable solution for anyone who has anything to soak.”

Sounds like a game changer to me.

5 uses for your Strucket

Soaking clothes for stain removal or brightening

We’ll start with an obvious one! Whether you’re soaking items to remove tough stains or to add a little extra brightness to your whites, the Strucket is the perfect laundry product for the job. For stain removal, simply take your eco friendly stain removal product (check out our Ethique Flash! Solid Laundry Bar & Stain Remover if you haven’t already) and rub over the stain. Then pop your clothes into the Strucket and let soak until the stains are out of sight. For brightening, just add a brightening agent like Nellie’s All Natural Laundry Soda and/or Oxygen Brightener to your soaking solution before adding the clothes.

When the soak is complete, you just pick up the strainer, sit it in place over the bucket to allow the clothes to dry out a little and Bob’s your uncle! Your clothes are ready to go through a wash cycle as usual.

The liquid that’s left in the Strucket can then be easily emptied down the drain or recycled and used on your garden through the convenient tap at the bottom of the bucket. Sensitive skin won’t come into contact with any dirty water and if you soak next to the sink, there’s no need for heavy lifting.


Dying fabrics

With people spending a lot more time at home nowadays, arts and crafts have become super popular in many households. If you love dying your own fabrics for clothes, bedspreads and other creative crafts the Strucket is an awesome investment to help save time and mess. It’ll also stop you from having to handle the dyes directly. No more purple fingers – yay!

Just add your dye solution to the Strucket and pop your materials in, allowing the dye to take hold for as long as it requires. When it’s done, take out the strainer that holds the freshly dyed items and let it sit to dry a little on the side of the bucket. When the excess water has drained from your items, pop them in the dryer with some Ecoegg Dryer Eggs or hang them on the line with some stylish Stainless Steel Pegs and they’ll be ready to go in no time at all.


Washing fruit and veggies

I think we can all agree that giving our fruit and veg a good rinse before eating them is a necessity. The Strucket acts as a sink and strainer for fresh produce items to take a little bath in before they make their way into our tums. It’s also great for getting stubborn dirt off potatoes before peeling them.

Just fill the Strucket with clean water, add your food item to the strainer and wash thoroughly with your hands. When the fruit and veg are squeaky clean, just take out the strainer, let it sit on the side of the bucket and dinner is halfway prepped.

strucket australia


Cleaning art supplies

Every painter knows the struggle of washing paint brushes and palettes after a particularly lengthy painting session. You’ve got to have them soaking straight away or the excess paint will dry on them, making them pretty much uncleanable and useless. Instead of trying to find a jar or container big enough to soak all your art supplies in, just use a Strucket instead. 


Portable Esky

As Aussies, our Eskies are our best friends in the sweltering summer heat. You’ll be pleased to know that your Strucket makes one hell of a drinks holder. Just fill the Strucket with ice, add your drinks and they’ll be kept ice cold all day long. When you’re done, just pop the plug in the bottom and the leftover water from the melted ice will drain right on out of there.

uses for your strucket


Where to buy a Strucket?

At Wear & Repeat, of course! We have two different sizes available, and each comes in four gorgeous colour options - aqua, grey, navy and pink.

Pick up a large 19L Strucket here!

Pick up a mini 4.5L Strucket here!


strucket 19L strucket mini


There you have it. I’ve been absolutely blown away by how many uses this one eco friendly bucket + strainer combo has. Remember to share below if you’ve found a new and exciting Strucket use!


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