We’ve come a long way over the past decade when we think about the amount of eco laundry products available on the market. What used to have to be tracked down in specialty stores and from alternative vendors is now easily accessible to every Australian family. You don’t even need to set foot outside to buy your sustainable laundry products – just order online. So, I’ve put together this guide to my top 7 eco laundry products you need to try so you can learn about the different natural cleaning solutions out there and choose which ones are best suited to you, your family and your household. Let’s get started…

Laundry Strips

Laundry Strips are available from none other than our wonderful Canadian friends at Tru Earth. Basically, these strips are a lightweight, slimline, mess free, easy-to-use, eco friendly, sustainable detergent, in the form of a small strip that looks similar to paper. The benefits of using these strips are listed above – more space in your laundry shelves, no mess, quick and easy laundry and with 94% less transport pollution you’re supporting Mother Earth in the process!

Simply take one pre-measured strip, pop it in with a load of laundry and laundry day is done (well, until it comes to drying, but we’ve got helpers for that too).

tru earth laundry strips australia


Laundry Bars

Laundry Bars are an amazing way to take your eco friendly housekeeping to the next level. We’ve got 3 brands on board that create heavy duty, sustainable laundry bars: Ethique Flash!, Nellie’s All-Natural WOW Stick and That Red House Laundry Sticks.

These bars are powerful little natural cleaners that can be used as a soap bar, a detergent or a stain remover. They’re compact and easy to transport, making them the perfect laundry (and general cleaning) helper for your next camping trip or holiday.

For stain removal purposes, simply wet the stick slightly and rub on the affected area until the stain is removed, then pop the garment into your wash as usual. Otherwise, just use them as a normal bar of soap – add water, lather it up and you’ve got soapy goodness for household cleaning, laundry cleaning, handwashing and much more!

ethique eco laundry stain removal bar

Laundry Eggs

For those of you who are going "what on earth is a Laundry Egg?", here is a quick run down for you...

It's a reusable, refillable laundry product that has been named one of the UK's best! This little egg cleans, softens and beautifully scents your clothes without any harmful chemicals and is super easy to use - simply pop the egg filled with pellets in with your laundry load. The egg itself lasts up to 10 years and is refillable - with up to 50 washes from every refill pack it's super cost effective! Oh, and it's been created specifically for adults and children with sensitive skin, and is proud to hold the result of ‘excellent’ from dermatological testing. It's so good that is has also been given the ‘Allergy Friendly Product’ award by Allergy UK.

The Ecoegg Laundry Eggs come in three scent options - Fresh Linen (my fave!), Spring Blossom and Fragrance Free.


Refillable Detergent Pouches

Both Happi Earth and The Dirt Company have brought completely natural, sustainable refillable detergent pouches to the Australian market and the environment is so very thankful for it. These pouches provide such amazing value for money due to the concentrated formula. The cost per wash compared to mainstream laundry brands is incredible – it’s only about 25c per wash with these babies, compared to around 30c or more with other supermarket brands. You can even send your pouch back to the company and they will reuse it, cutting down on landfill. What’s more is that with each Happi Earth purchase, they plant a mangrove tree! Honestly, the benefits for both you and Mother Earth are endless. Oh, and they smell AMAZING!

Both Happi Earth and The Dirt Company offer refillable dispenser bottles to complement the Detergent Pouches, with each wash only taking a couple of squirts of eco laundry liquid to provide a clean that’s just as good, or better, than other non-natural brands.

the dirt company eco laundry


Oooohhh, Soapberries are a seriously cool natural cleaning solution. They are, in fact, the shells of the fruit of the Sapindus Mukorossi tree, that have natural cleaning properties as they contain extremely high levels of saponin which is, essentially, nature’s soap. That Red House offer the only Organic Certified Soapberries in the world, so I had to get them in store for all of you. They are compostable, biodegradable, vegan, raw, chemical free, hypoallergenic, antibacterial and anti-fungal. Basically, they’re a magical addition to any laundry!

Simply take 5 soapberries and pop them into the cotton wash bag with your laundry load. As they are fragrance free, if you wish you can add a few essential oils (or the That Red House Laundry Tonic) to infuse the laundry with your favourite scent. Once the wash is complete, sit the berries aside to dry out and reuse them for future washes until they start to feel thin and brittle. A 1kg bag will last you 365+ washes for under $50. Yeah. Amazing.

soapberries australia

Dryer Balls

Both Nellie’s All-Natural and That Red House have provided me with 100% pure wool Dryer Balls to add to the Wear & Repeat online shelves. If the weatherman has forecasted rain for the next few days and you’re unable to hang your washing out to dry, Dryer Balls are going to be your new best friends. They reduce the time it takes to dry your clothes, thus reducing the effects on the environment and on your wallet! They also help reduce static and wrinkles.

Simply add the Dryer Balls to your dryer as suggested and you’re away. The best part? These things last a lifetime, so you no longer need to waste money on single use dryer sheets or other short-term products.

dryer balls australia

Stainless Steel Pegs

Now, if you don’t have a dryer, or you choose to dry your laundry the old-fashioned way, Stainless Steel Pegs are a seriously good investment. We stock the hardiest of them all, 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel Pegs! These pegs are super strong, but they’re also a little bit fancy, available in stunning silver and chic rose gold colour options. We have both regular and large sized pegs so you can make sure everything from your socks and delicates to your blankets and bedding are fully supported while they dry.

These pegs can be used in all weather conditions and won’t heat up in the hot Aussie summer. They’re resistant to rust, corrosion and even salty sea air won’t affect them, so they’re perfect for coastal dwellers.

stainless steel clothes pegs

You can find all of these amazing eco friendly laundry products via the Wear & Repeat online store here! Go and check them out if you’re determined to lead a natural, sustainable lifestyle that’s easy on the environment.

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