What can I say about 2020? It’s been…a year. No matter how frustrating 2020 has been, spring is almost here, and you know what that means? Out with the clutter, in with the tidy – spring has sprung and the clean up has begun! In this post we’re going to be talking all things spring cleaning when it comes to your wardrobe! Is your closet bursting at the seams? Have you lost track of your clothes and need to find efficient and stylish ways to organise them? Well, this is your guide to the best wardrobe spring cleaning tips for 2020 for both minimalists and for everyone who needs a little help downsizing and tidying their wardrobe. Let’s go!


Minimising your closet

A cluttered wardrobe is usually a clear indicator of a cluttered mind. So, before you do anything at all to minimising your wardrobe, take a quick minute for you. Sit down, take a few deep breaths and meditate on what is important to you. Find your focus.

Now, with your mind decluttered, you’re ready to tackle your overflowing closet. Here’s how you do it…


Start small

Instead of trying to deal with the entire wardrobe in one session, pick out a few clothes that are ripped, faded or definite donations/sells. Even if it’s just two or three items for now – making a start is the first step. Keep in mind that you can always take the time to mend any clothing with small tears that could otherwise be donated or sold, rather than sending them to landfill. There are a bunch of awesome ways to sell your clothes like Facebook Marketplace, Depop or eBay. You can have a read of some other ideas featured in another of our blog posts here.


Discover your style

You have a style, whether you know it or not. Think about the colours that you generally gravitate towards. Are they dark, light, pastel, bright? Do you wear mostly printed tees or summer dresses? Now think about the accessories you generally wear. Are you a scarf person? Do you wear cute frilly socks? Love a chunky belt? Now, of all the clothes in your closet, what percentage would you say actually represents your style? When you can recognise the clothes you feel most comfortable and confident in, you’ll start to realise that the rest are just clutter. Remove and donate/sell anything that isn’t 100% YOU.


Remove seasonal clothing

Your wardrobe should contain the clothes you’ll be wearing most at any given point in time. Anything else is just taking up space. We’re coming into warmer weather now, so any of your big winter jumpers, tracksuits etc. should be removed from your closet and stored away in clothes storage boxes like the ones in our range.


Organising your closet

Ok, now you should have an abundance of space in your wardrobe. So, how do you efficiently and stylishly organise your clothes so they’re easy to view and access? Let’s find out…


Work out what hangs and what folds

Different clothes fare better when hung as opposed to others that thrive when folded. For example, clothes made out of stretchy materials and heavy woollen clothing should definitely be folded – that includes your knitted pullovers and lycra clothing and workout gear. On the other hand, silk, satin and lace clothing items that are delicate and prone to wrinkles should be hung to avoid damage and to reduce the amount of ironing required. Thicker materials like linen may not be as delicate but they still require hanging as they tend to hold creases if left folded.

We have a super stylish range of eco friendly rose gold hangers suited to hold a wide range of clothes and accessories. Suits, dress shirts, camis, coats, dresses, work skirts and pants are all suited to hanging. Undies, socks, jumpers, shorts, activewear and pyjamas fold perfectly into our range of clothes storage boxes.

For more information about which clothes are best to hang and which are best to fold, check out our helpful product guides here:

Clothes Hangers Guide

Clothes Storage Boxes Guide


Research folding methods

There are way too many clothes folding methods out there. Seriously, it’s almost a little overwhelming. Don’t stress though, with a little research you will find one that works for you and your wardrobe.

My favourite folding method comes from the master of folding and organising, Marie Kondo. Her KonMari folding method is sleek, sophisticated and allows you to access your clothes quickly and easily with just one glance. Our clothes boxes have been specially created with this folding technique in mind, so I would definitely recommend checking it out - see below! 



Choose a wardrobe organisation method that works for you

Now, this is the fun part – figuring out how best to organise your wardrobe so that it is visually pleasing and easy to navigate.

My favourite way to organise my closet is by colour! I actually look forward to opening my wardrobe each time I need an outfit because I know exactly where everything is, and I’m greeted with a rainbow of colours against gorgeous rose gold hangers that never fails to brighten my day.

Whether you choose to coordinate by style, by colour, by outfit or by any other method you must stick with it. Make it something fun that you will enjoy restoring each time you finish a wash and dry cycle.


If you put these tips into practice, your 2020 wardrobe spring clean is going to be an absolute cinch. No more overflowing clothing, no more hour-long outfit decisions and no more clutter!


You’ve got this! x


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