There’s nothing quite like snapping up a bargain or coming across a vintage fashion find in your local thrift store.
With the rise of sustainable living and eco-friendly choices (hello reusable straws!) it makes sense that second-hand clothing has come back into style.
Thanks to the wonders of the internet and some pioneering organisations, there’s a wealth of lightly-used clothing items that you can pick up for half or even 75% off the retail price.
Your wallet and the environment will thank you for following this fashion trend. We hope it’s here to stay for a long while yet.

The Best Places to Buy, Sell and Swap Your Clothes

Trading in Style 

If you know you’ve got a heap of mid-to-high-end pieces in your wardrobe that are gathering dust, perhaps it’s time to consign a few things with Trading in Style.
You’ll need to email the team in order to begin organising and processing your consignment, and there is a 50% commission fee structure, but it’s a great place to start if you’ve got items in your wardrobe begging to be worn.


Yordrobe is Australia’s newest go-to fashion app for selling designer clothing, shopping wardrobes of other Australians and even offers the option to swap clothes with other users.
It’s a fantastic tool for anyone looking to tiptoe their way into a more sustainable shopping lifestyle.

Hock Your Frocks

Hock Your Frocks is a new luxury consignment brand launching in February 2020. Keep your eyes peeled on their Instagram account to find out the minute they go live. 

We know we’ll be keeping a close eye on this brand as they ramp up their offerings. They’re already sharing snaps of stunning Chanel bags and enviable Gucci shoes, so we know they’ve got the goods!


Clothing Swap Events

Whether you choose to organise a clothing swap with your girlfriends or you head along to a local event near you, clothing swap events are a fantastic way to change up your wardrobe for less.

The Best Places to Rent Out Your Clothes For Cash

If you’ve got a weakness for designer clothing, you’ll know that it can often feel like you’ve got a wad of cash hanging in your closet. Sure, you might have worn that Thurley dress at a wedding and a birthday dinner recently, but is there something more you could be doing with it? 

While we’ve mentioned a few online consignment stores where you can sell your pre-loved items, sometimes you’re still in the season of ‘loving’ those items without wearing them regularly. Maybe you just can’t bare to part with a dress because of sentimental value, like a wedding dress or engagement party outfit.
The good news is there are plenty of apps and online marketplaces you can use to rent out your designer pieces. Outdress is a fantastic, Australian-owned app that you can use to rent out your designer dresses and jumpsuits. It’s the perfect place to list those cocktail dresses and once-worn bridesmaid gowns and earn a little cash on the side.

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