Gold Coat & Clothes Hangers

Eco-Friendly Space Saving Clothes Hangers

Fill your wardrobe with our stunning range of eco clothes hangers that are built to last with high-quality metal and no flimsy plastic whatsoever! Organising your closet and establishing a semblance of order for your clothes has never been so easy.
Your clothes won't be ripped, torn or snagged once these babies are added to your wardrobe as these metal coat hangers are polished to perfection and completely free of wood, plastic and other materials. These are some of the best space saving coat hangers you can invest in. They each have their own unique features that help you maximise your wardrobe storage space, keep your clothes in tip top shape and easily view all of your clothes with just a quick glance. The elegant rose gold (also now available in steel-grey) coat hangers in this collection create a striking look without clashing with the colours of your clothing items. They’ll be a valuable addition to your closet for many years to come.


Which hangers are best for looking after your clothes? 

Our polished metal, eco clothes hangers are some of the best coat hangers Australia and worldwide. They are made completely smooth with zero rough edges. Your woollen jumpers and silk camis will be forever safe from snags and tears.

The shape of our metal coat hangers is perfectly aligned with the shape of most clothes to ensure your wardrobe isn’t compromised at all.

If you love adding a little colourful flair to your wardrobe, our rose gold coat hangers might be the best option for your clothes. Our silver range is just as dazzling though, so you have two amazing options to choose from.

Why are they known as sustainable clothes hangers? 

Like all things, quality beats quantity. How many clothes hangers have you bought, broken and discarded over the years? Too many to count, I’m sure.

Our polished metal coat hangers remove the need to keep buying and discarding because they simply don’t break. They’re not flimsy like plastic coat hangers and they won’t get mouldy like ones made from cotton or silk. Rust is no issue for the high-quality stainless steel used to make these metal coat hangers.

They also help increase the life expectancy of your clothes so you’re not only sustaining your hangers, you’re sustaining your clothes as well.

What are the best space saving hangers in our range? 

Our range has been crafted with space saving capabilities in mind. Three of the styles in particular are going to save you a load of space in your wardrobe.

Our basic clothes hangers are slim and will help increase your closet space significantly. Our clothes hangers with slip-proof notches will make sure your clothes stay hanging and our clothes hangers with notches and clips allow for more than one garment to be hung on the one hanger.

Seriously, get rid of your traditional silk or wooden hangers and pick up a few packs of our space saving clothes hangers. You can completely transform your wardrobe and make room for new, gorgeous clothes and accessories, or simply create an elegant minimalist closet vibe.

Do metal coat hangers rust? 

You might have noticed your current metal coat hangers start to rust after a few months or years of use.

Our metal coat hangers are completely rust resistant, so you don’t have to worry about stains on your clothes or the hangers falling apart.

We do suggest that you don’t use them to dry wet clothes though – you can pick up a few of our stainless steel clothes pegs for that ;)

What are some tips for hanging your clothes? 

When hanging clothes here are a few little hints and tips to keep in mind that will help increase your closet space and keep your clothes in runway condition:

  • Hang shirts and dresses so that the seams of the shoulders line up perfectly with the hanger’s edge. This helps keep them in tip-top shape.
  • Slide the hangers up through the bottom of the garment instead of trying to insert them through the top. This way you won’t stretch out the collar or neckline.
  • Evenly space the clothes in your wardrobe. Try not to have clothes touching each other as this will help avoid wrinkling and snagging. Think of your clothes as introverts when they’re packed away – they like having their own space. They can be as extroverted as they like when you’re ready to bring them out to play.