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At Wear & Repeat we believe that saving the environment is everyone’s responsibility. In order to help our customers tap into their true eco-warrior selves we stock a range of the best eco friendly cleaning products Australia has to offer. Not only that, we strive to make living an eco-conscious lifestyle super easy and efficient.

From refillable detergents to laundry bars and eco-friendly washing strips, we intend on providing the best and biggest range of sustainable laundry products to our awesome, enviro-savvy customers. We are always looking to introduce new products and brands to our line-up so stay tuned for more awesome eco friendly laundry items.

One of our best-selling products are the sustainable laundry detergent strips in our Tru Earth range. Tru Earth are pioneers of the eco friendly laundry game. Their innovative products and determination to help make the world a better place are truly admirable. You only need to look at Tru Earth reviews to know that eco-enthusiasts love their products. Why not try out the Tru Earth Laundry Strips next laundry day?

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What are the environmental concerns of laundry products? 

You may not think it, but a vast amount of laundry products actually contain toxic chemicals. And where do these chemicals end up? In the oceans, the rivers and our precious soil.

These laundry brands that don’t take the environment into account also make up a huge amount of carbon emission when the goods are transported by trucks and other methods.

A huge portion of plastic laundry product packaging ends up in landfills and only adds to the approximately 5 billion tonnes of plastic currently in Australian landfills polluting our environment.

What are sustainable alternatives for cleaning products? 

If you’re after some amazing sustainable laundry products and cleaning solutions, boy do we have some suggestions for you!

The best way to reduce your environmental footprint when it comes to cleaning products is to invest in natural cleaning products and laundry alternatives. Research your products before buying to make sure they are free of toxic chemicals and their packaging is recyclable, or better yet, compostable or refillable.

If you replace just one plastic bottle of laundry liquid with a small bar of clothes washing soap or some detergent strips, well, you’re on the right track to saving Mother Earth and reducing the amount of space taken up in your laundry by bulky plastic packaging.

Do eco friendly cleaning products work? 

They sure do! Eco friendly cleaning products are not only better for the environment, they take just as much care of your clothes and homes as mainstream products that use nasty chemicals.

You’ll find that your whites stay white, your colours stay bright and stains just won’t be able to put up a fight.

Our entire range of sustainable laundry products and natural cleaning products are at the top of their game when it comes to keeping your valuables spick and span whilst looking and smelling amazing.

Why are natural cleaning products better? 

When you make the switch to a natural cleaning solution, you’ll not only be doing your bit for the environment, you’ll notice that you and your family reap some amazing benefits too!

Natural cleaning products are generally better for allergies as they don’t contain harmful and irritating chemicals. They tend to be better for sensitive skin for this same reason.

Natural cleaning products will usually come with minimal packaging and the products are generally slimline themselves, leaving more room in your cupboards and shelves.

Of course, as mentioned above, the environment will thank you too. From compostable packaging to natural ingredients, your eco friendly housekeeping needs will be fully met!

What is the most environmentally friendly laundry detergent? 

The products we stock here at Wear & Repeat are some of the best eco friendly cleaning products Australia has to offer. You can trust all our products to be sustainable, easy on the environment and naturally pure.

One of our best-selling eco cleaning products are the Tru Earth Eco-Strips found in our sustainable laundry products collection. They are truly a leader in the eco detergent field with their compostable packaging, slim design, incredible cleaning power and eco ingredients.

We also offer FREE SHIPPING Australia wide on Tru Earth Eco-Strip products.

We recommend giving these nifty little strips a go to save space, time and the environment all in one!

Soapberries - what are they and do they work?

Soapberries, also known as soap nuts, are the shells of the soapberry tree (Sapindus Mukorossi tree) that contain a high level of saponin, known as "nature's soap", that suds up in water. So are soapberries effective? Yes, soapberries for laundry work really well to get your clothes fresh and clean. Plus they are waste free, fragrance free, hypoallergenic and naturally antibacterial. Oh, and super affordable - 365+ washes for under $50!

What is a Guppyfriend Washing Bag?

The Guppyfriend Washing Bag is a German-made “scientifically approved solution against microplastic pollution from washing.” It is an environmentally friendly laundry bag that you put your clothing in each time you wash them to filter harmful microplastics that shed from clothes and other garments made from synthetic materials. This prevents the microfibres from making their way into waterways and also helps increase the lifespan of clothes due to the reduction of shedding.

Why are microfibres bad for the environment?

Microfibres come from synthetic materials such as polyester, acrylic and nylon. As the clothes break down they shed tiny plastic fibres when washed that drain out into our oceans and rivers. Rather than breaking down, microplastics are consumed by marine life, causing significant issues and health conditions within these animals (and then potentially humans if you eat seafood). Microplastics can also clog important waterways and embed themselves into the Earth, causing widespread pollution and plastic build-up.

What are some refillable natural laundry liquids?

We stock the brands Happi Earth and The Dirt Company eco laundry detergent, which are both concentrated formulas in refillable, resuable pouches. When you have finished the pouch you can send it back to the company and the packaging will be reused. As you only need to use a small amount of eco friendly laundry liquid for a full wash, they are very cost effective products. Both these products are Australian Made and vegan. 

What is Ecoegg?

Ecoegg is a reusable, refillable eco laundry product that has been named one of the UK's best laundry products. This egg contains mineral pellets that effectively clean your clothes and are a vegan formula free from harmful chemicals. This sustainable laundry product is ideal for those with sensitive skin and has been given the ‘Allergy Friendly Product’ award by Allergy UK.

How long does an Ecoegg last?

The Ecoegg is resuable and can continue to be refilled with the mineral pellets. The Ecoegg itself will last up to 10 years and is fully recyclable. The refill mineral pellets will last up to 50 washes. Using an Ecoegg Laundry Egg can help save up to 40 plastic bottles each year!

What is the Strucket and how does the Strucket work?

The Strucket is a "strainer bucket" that is the perfect eco friendly laundry solution that is the new, easier way to soak, separate and drain your laundry. It's so simple to use - fill the bucket with water and the eco laundry product of your choice. Pop the dirty laundry into the strainer and insert it into the bucket. Leave the clothes to soak, then remove the strainer piece and click it into place on the side of the bucket allowing the excess water to strain. Then put the now soaked clothes into the washing machine. Done! And your hands never have to touch the dirty water!

What is the purpose of dryer balls and do the dryer balls really work?

The dryer balls we range are made out of compressed wool and the dryer eggs are made out of recyclable plastic. They work to separate the garments in the dryer, allowing for better air flow and for hot air to circulate more efficiently, which helps to reduce dry time. And yes, they work!

How long do wool dryer balls last and how do you know when to replace dryer balls?

Wool dryer balls generally last around 1000 loads, which is between 2-3 years depending how many dryer loads you do each week. Eventually they will start to loosen up, becoming larger and softer. You know it's time to replace them when they begin to unravel.