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Clothes & Drawer Storage Boxes

Sleek, stylish and designed specifically to make organising your wardrobe a cinch, these storage boxes take inspiration from Japanese Hikidashi storage methods. The Hikidashi folding method was made famous by…well, I think we all know which household organising superstar takes credit for introducing us to it in her Netflix special.

Hikidashi simply means “drawer” in Japanese and that’s exactly what these storage boxes are perfectly made for. They hold clothes, underwear and other bits and pieces without the bulk of a regular tall boy or chest of drawers. They slide perfectly into wardrobe shelves, freeing up space in your rooms. Folding and organising your clothes is easy as pie when you pick up a set of these delightfully elegant and gorgeously coloured storage boxes.

Made from sturdy cardboard and natural linen, these are eco friendly clothes storage boxes for the environmentally conscious, organised souls who love keeping their homes kempt and styled to perfection.

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What is the best way to store clothes? 

Let our super sturdy rose gold hangers take care of clothes that need to be hung to maintain their shape. Every other clothing item is best stored folded in our range of gorgeous Hikidashi clothes storage boxes.

If the right folding method is used, you can easily organise your clothes boxes to be neat, tidy and easily accessible. All your favourite shirts, shorts and everything in between will be in plain view with just the slightest glance.

What are Hikadashi boxes? 

Hikidashi actually means “drawer” in the Japanese language. This storage method originated in Japan and has been a cultural staple for a very long time.

A Hikidashi box set is a super easy and highly convenient way to store clothes. These fabric clothes storage boxes will fit into most drawers and wardrobe shelves, keeping everything neat, tidy and out of sight. However, if you plan to keep them in an open wardrobe or open shelving unit, they will provide a chic aesthetic with their sage green or white linen hue. You don’t need to hide them out of sight if you don’t have the space to.

Everyone has their own way of organising and storing their clothes. Hikidashi boxes complement almost every storage style so you can continue to do you.

How do I store clothes in boxes? 

One of the best clothing storage ideas when it comes to Hikidashi boxes is…folding!

Folding your clothes into these boxes not only helps you save space and fit more clothes in each box, it also allows for each and every item of clothing to be seen and accessed with ease.

If you’re into home organisation, you’ve likely stumbled upon the Queen of Tidying Up whilst bingeing Netflix shows. This Japanese home storage goddess has her very own folding technique that we highly recommend putting into practice together with our clothes storage boxes.

You can also do your own research online to find a folding method that suits you best!

Should I fold or hang t-shirts? 

T-shirts are best off folded as the material used to make them generally stretches when placed on clothes hangers. This is the same for many other sleeved and sleeveless articles of clothing like crop tops and blouses.

As a general rule, any clothing item that has material with a bit of stretch to it should be folded. The best part? If you find a great folding method, the clothes stay crease free and ready to wear straight out of the box.

Where do I put these clothes storage boxes? 

You can put ‘em in your drawers. You can put ‘em in your shelves. You can put ‘em in your wardrobe. Pretty much anywhere you’ve got space, these babies are happy to live out their days!

They’re made specially to fit perfectly next to each other as a compact storage solution. They’re tidy, they’re slim and they take up minimal space in your home.

What size clothes storage box should I get? 

Well, that depends on what you want to store!

Our smaller clothes organiser boxes are the perfect size for housing undies, swimwear and accessories like scarves, beanies and sarongs.

The medium clothes storage boxes will easily fit your t-shirts, shorts, pyjamas, activewear and other slightly larger but not super bulky clothing items.

Speaking of super bulky items, things like jumpers, jeans and trackies will all be right at home in our large sized Hikidashi storage boxes.

Grab a couple of each size and you’ll be set for life!

Are these boxes collapsible? 

Absolutely! These boxes are way too efficient for their own good, to be honest.

When you’re done bringing your clothes storage ideas to life, any leftover boxes can easily be collapsed and set aside in your cupboard, drawer or shelves. The collapsed boxes are super slim and compact for “barely there” storage so you can fit more of everything else.