About Us

Launched amidst the absolute madness of early 2020, Wear & Repeat is the lovechild of eco-friendly products and a sustainable, affordable, organised wardrobe space.

My name is Lucy and I am the founder and creative mind behind this exciting venture. It’s lovely to e-meet you, and I’m so excited to have a quick talk with you about the Wear & Repeat story. So, put the kettle on, settle in, and let’s get to chatting!

Ok, let’s speak openly here. Are you sick of your clothes wearing out faster than they should? What about that gorgeous silk cami getting snagged on a rough wooden hanger, or the dryer shrinking your jumper? Where is that super comfy pair of undies hiding in the abyss that is your sock drawer? On top of that, do you think the human race is doing enough for the world and for our environment?

Yep. I agree. 

So, I decided to do something to not only feel better about the products I use, but to get my wardrobe organised and keep my clothes safe and sound in the process. The best part? I’m giving people just like me the very same opportunity. As someone with a passion for fashion, who loves to be super organised and doesn’t want to see our planet go down the chute, this is my way of supporting myself and my family by enabling likeminded people to access sustainable and practical living options for their wardrobe.

And guess what? I found that comfy pair of undies and gave them their own dedicated spot in my storage box so that I may never lose them again!

Wear & Repeat is an Aussie run store, so when you purchase any products here, you’ll be directly supporting a local business and helping the dreams of a busy working mum come to life. For that, I thank you.

Every product listed in the store has been personally selected by me, myself and I to ensure the quality, the sustainability and the “wow” factor is 100% up to scratch. I mean, who says we can’t save the planet, care for our clothes and accessorise our wardrobe with beautiful products at the same time?

I feel as though we’re reaching the end of an era when it comes to the “fast-fashion” industry. The sun is setting on the days of plastic products and accessories that break after one use, causing more harm than good to our clothes and the environment. People want sustainability. They care about where their money goes and aren’t on the hunt for the cheapest option. They want quality, not quantity. And they want to feel good about the choices they make.

At Wear & Repeat we’ve got you completely covered. The entire cycle of “wash – dry – store” can be handled by products like our Tru Earth Laundry Detergent, Stainless Steel Pegs, Rose Gold Coat Hangers and Clothes Storage Boxes (plus the rest of the gang).

Wear & Repeat is the fun, friendly and affordable home of clothes organisation and laundry products that you’ve been dying to find. I’m seriously so happy with just how practical yet fancy and absolutely beautiful all the sustainable products in this store are. And so are the likeminded people out there who have taken the leap and become Wear & Repeat super-fans! You only have to read our product reviews to know that these wardrobe solutions are the real deal.

So, what do you think? Are you ready to make a lifestyle change that’s going to improve the longevity of your clothes and give you some incredible eco-conscious feels? 

Let’s do this together - wash, dry, store, wear & repeat! 

Lucy x