12 Pack Hangers with Slip-Proof Notches


12 Pack Hangers with Slip-Proof Notches


Invest in a coat hanger or 12 with seriously fancy vibes. These high-class, high-quality, high-value rose gold or steel grey coat hangers not only save space in your wardrobe, they keep your clothes in the best condition and shape possible.

Copper Dress Hanger Features

  • Tired of your camis, singlets, dresses and lingerie constantly falling off their hangers? Those days are over! These metal coat hangers have innovative notches built-in that cradle straps and stop them from sliding.
  • Clothes made of silk and other delicate materials are in safe hands when you trust them to these sleek, polished metal rose gold (or steel grey) coat hangers.
  • The slim design of these hangers allows you to easily view your hanging clothes. On top of that, you will be able to fit up to 40 more dresses in your wardrobe when you swap from traditional bulky wooden or silk coat hangers to these petite babes.*
  • These are some of the most eco friendly coat hangers Australia has to offer. All materials are 100% plastic-free, sustainable and super durable so they’ll last a lifetime. There’s no need to create unwanted waste with broken old-school hangers anymore.

 *Based on an average wardrobe length of 80cm.

At Wear & Repeat we are determined to be as environmentally conscious as possible in everything we do. There will be no colourful packaging, no bows and no frills when you receive your products. A simple brown paper bag or cardboard box is the best way for us to let our eco-friendly flag fly. And, if we're being completely honest, it really allows the products themselves to be the stars of the show when you open your Wear & Repeat package.

Dimensions: (Standard adult size) 43cm length, 20.5cm height, wire diameter 4mm

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