Ecoegg Dryer Eggs - Fragrance Free - Eco Friendly Laundry

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Ecoegg Dryer Eggs - Fragrance Free - Eco Friendly Laundry

Ecoegg Dryer Eggs in Fragrance Free are the perfect companion for your laundry when it’s time to dry. Pair with the Laundry Egg in Fragrance Free for the full au naturale wash-dry cycle.

Benefits Of The Ecoegg Dryer Egg

  • Super easy to use, all you need to do is pop the Eggs into your dryer with a freshly washed load of laundry. Then just turn on the cycle as usual and let them do their thing.
  • The Ecoegg Dryer Eggs helps reduce drying time by up to 28% (so over a quarter of the usual cycle!) by separating your clothes in the dryer. This separation allows for better air flow and helps make use of the entire dryer space. Reducing your drying time uses less energy, cutting both your bills and your carbon emissions significantly.
  • These dryer eggs make your laundry so seriously soft! Not only that, but they also reduce creases by gently lifting fibres and naturally breaking down stiffness in the fabrics as the dryer cycle does its thing.
  • All fabrics, except very fine or delicate ones, are suitable for use with the Ecoegg Dryer Eggs. 

Made in Britain

Since being founded in 2008, Ecoegg has been named one of the UK’s best eco laundry products and they have sold over 2 million Laundry Eggs! Ecoegg value and produce environmentally friendly, innovative concepts and their products are free from harmful chemicals, help reduce single use plastic and are super affordable. They’ve built a wonderful product range that will help you feel good about laundry day!

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