Ecoegg Laundry Egg - 50 Washes - Spring Blossom REFILLS

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Ecoegg Laundry Egg - 50 Washes - Spring Blossom REFILLS

If you already have yourself an Ecoegg with pellets that have run out of steam, simply pick up some of these beautifully scented Spring Blossom refills and you can keep using your Ecoegg as a sustainable laundry option for years to come. 

Features Of The Spring Blossom Ecoegg Laundry Egg Refill

  • One refill pack will provide 50 washes, which is great value!
  • The mineral pellets used in Ecoeggs contain both cleaning and softening properties due to the way they effectively change the pH of your clothes. This is an all-in-one natural cleaning solution that will leave your clothes smelling of a beautiful bouquet. And no need to buy any extra softener!
  • Allergy UK have named the Ecoegg mineral pellets an ‘Allergy Friendly Product’. The pellets have also been lab tested and awarded an ‘excellent’ grade as a sustainable laundry product for use in conjunction with sensitive skin.
  • No harmful chemicals are used in the creation of this natural cleaning product and it is both cruelty free and vegan friendly so everyone (even our animal friends) can enjoy the benefits of the Ecoegg.
  • You can help save an enormous amount of plastic going directly into our landfills by choosing to purchase one Ecoegg and continuing to refill it with these super compact mineral pellets. One Ecoegg will last up to 10 years!


Made in Britain
Contains: 5-15% anionic surfactants. 15-30% non-ionic surfactants.

Since being founded in 2008, Ecoegg has been named one of the UK’s best eco laundry products and they have sold over 2 million Laundry Eggs! Ecoegg value and produce environmentally friendly, innovative concepts and their products are free from harmful chemicals, help reduce single use plastic and are super affordable. They’ve built a wonderful product range that will help you feel good about laundry day! Also checkout the fragrance free refills.

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