6 Pack Rose Gold Clothes Hangers with Notches & Clips


6 Pack Rose Gold Clothes Hangers with Notches & Clips

This is the type of hanging clothes organiser that you won’t find in stores. It’s super versatile, is one of the best options for maximising space and still manages to look fancy AF in the process.

Clothes Hangers Features

  • If you make the swap from outdated, traditional wooden or silk coat hangers to these gorgeous gals you can expect to fit 50+ more items in your wardrobe*. As well as being svelte, two items fit seamlessly on the one clothes hanger!
  • Curved notches and non-slip clips work together to make sure your clothes never slip off onto the floor in a crumpled heap again.
  • With no rough edges, excess metal or other damaging bits and pieces, your clothes can sleep soundly in their super tidy wardrobe homes knowing they’ll always be free from rips, tears and snags.
  • This value pack of one of our most versatile space saving coat hangers will love hanging out with everything from camis to dresses to suits. They’re happy to make friends with all kinds of clothes. It must be part of their rosy personality.
  • The high-quality, sturdy metal finish means these hangers last forever, no matter how many t-shirts or jackets they support over the years. You’ll no longer need to throw out broken plastic hangers. This pack is 100% plastic-free and fully sustainable. Eco clothes hangers for the win!
  • The elegant rose gold (or steel grey) colour of these clothes hangers is such a gorgeous addition to any open or closed wardrobe space. In fact, rose gold is one of the most popular and stylish colours as it matches perfectly with most other tones.
  • These hangers not only look gorgeous with other products in our range, they are a super slim design, allowing you to easily view your clothes at a quick glance.

 *Based on an average wardrobe length of 80cm.


At Wear & Repeat we are determined to be as environmentally conscious as possible in everything we do. There will be no colourful packaging, no bows and no frills when you receive your products. A simple brown paper bag or cardboard box is the best way for us to let our eco-friendly flag fly. And, if we're being completely honest, it really allows the products themselves to be the stars of the show when you open your Wear & Repeat package.

Dimensions: (Standard adult size hanger) 43cm length, 20.5cm height, wire diameter 3.5mm, clips 5x1.6cm

  • $34.95