That Red House Organic Soapberries 250g


That Red House Organic Soapberries 250g

Soapberries are 100% waste free, super cute shells of cleaning goodness. They’re easy to use, easy to store and are some of the best and most sustainable eco laundry products on the market. Pick up a bag today to see just how well they treat your washables!

How Do Soap Berries Work?

  • It just takes 5 soapberries to clean a full load of washing. Pop them in the cotton wash bag that comes with your purchase and throw them in your washing machine for an amazing clean. You can even add a few drops of Laundry Tonic or other essential oils if you want to add a little scented goodness to your clothes.
  • These organic soapberries aren’t just ultra-sustainable, they are also highly affordable. In each pack you’ll get 90+ waste free washes.
  • Apart from being completely compostable and biodegradable, organic soapberries from That Red House are vegan, raw, chemical free and hypoallergenic to take good care of you, your clothes and the environment. They are naturally antibacterial and anti-fungal too!
  • These sudsy babes are super cute, and the bag they come in is a trendy way to store your sustainable detergent. Sit it on your shelf between your Hikidashi style storage boxes for a truly organic, natural laundry vibe.


Ingredients: Certified Organic Soapberries (Soap Nuts) sourced from the Himalayas

What are soapberries you ask? Read all about them in our blog post here! That Red House is a completely Aussie owned and run brand committed to providing organic, sustainable, chemical free, eco friendly laundry products for this generation and generations to come. They are proud to provide the world’s highest quality soapberries that are Certified Organic, raw and vegan. All That Red House natural cleaning products work wonders in your laundry and are affordable and great for the environment, your clothes and your family.

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