19L Strucket Housekeeping Helper


19L Strucket Housekeeping Helper

“What is a Strucket?” I hear you ask. Well, it’s a highly versatile eco friendly housekeeping helper with a huuuuge range of uses. A strainer + a bucket = a Strucket. It’s simple maths, really. If you’re sick of dealing with the aftermath of soaking your clothes (yep, the mess that always comes after a spilled red wine or a muddy sports day) then this is the sustainable laundry product for you.

Features Of The Strucket

  • Soaking in the Strucket is simple. Just fill the bucket with water and whatever laundry cleaning product you choose to use. Pop the dirty fabrics into the strainer and insert it into the bucket. Leave it to soak, then remove the strainer piece and click it into place on the side of the bucket. Allow the excess water to strain. Pop your now soaked clothes into the washing machine. All done!
  • Oversoaking can affect fabrics, causing bleeding, fading or sagging and the breakdown of glues and embellishments. So simple and stress free to use, with the Strucket you will never leave your items soaking for endless days or weeks again!
  • The best part? Throughout the entire cleaning process, you don’t need to touch the dirty water. There is a convenient plug in the bottom of the bucket that allows the mess to drain directly into your sink or onto your garden (if using eco friendly products to soak with). Keep your hands clean and far away from the smell and bacteria of dirt, mud and all things yuck.
  • The Strucket is specifically designed to fit inside laundry sinks, underneath the taps, so you don’t need to mess about with hoses. There are over 100 uses noted by both the creator of the Strucket and customers including soaking cloth nappies and clothes, disinfecting toys, washing your fruits and veggies and it even works an Esky! See some more uses here.
  • With a 19L capacity, this is one of the best eco laundry products for getting it alllll done in one go. As well as that, the handles are designed to support the weight of wet clothes without breaking or losing balance during the straining process.
  • The Strucket is environmentally friendly as it can be used time and time again, and is 100% recyclable. Also, it’s BPA-free so it’s safer for your family too.

44.cm x 27.5cm x 31.5cm
19 Litres
Free-airing (no lid)

Made in Australia
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The Strucket is both designed and made in Australia on the Sunshine coast. Founded by a mother of three, you know this product has been created by a parent for parents. The Strucket is an innovative design that is helping families everywhere choose more sustainable, eco friendly housekeeping options. Everyone wants to spend less time dealing with mess and the Strucket makes looking after your laundry items in a sustainable way oh so easy!

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